Sifu Cliff is from the Bronx NYC, and long time Atlantic City Local with more then 30 years in martial arts. at a very young age growing up he was attacked by gangs of bullys turning to Martial Arts for self protection.

At age of 18 Sifu Cliff joined the Famous Kung Fu Master Sifu Jose Colon school. Sifu Jose Colon was the First Student of Sifu Chung K Chow in 1972 . After many years of training under Sifu Jose Colon they parted ways with Sifu Jose Colon going back home to Puerto Rico.

Sifu Cliff then Joined Sifu Jose Colon own teachers School , Grand Master Chung K Chow in NYC.

Today Sifu Cliff is the Founder of the Wing Chun Convention , The Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo and also the Martial Arts Masters Awards. Sifu Cliff is a Multi-time Hall of Fame Inductee and a guest on various TV , Radio shows such as the MMA Sports Extreme show.Sifu Cliff is one fo the Masters on the TV Show Warrior Island.

Sifu Cliff is a Full time Kung Fu Master who lives the martial art." If you practice each and everyday , even in the darkest times of your life , one day the sun will come out of the clouds and all your hard work will be the reason why it has happend." "Eat Bitter"