Atlantic City Wing Chun Kung Fu School is a authentic Chinese Martial Art School.

Founder Sifu Cliff Kupper brought back the Original Martial Arts of Ip Man to Atlantic City after a time of decline in Wing Chun in South Jersey. Following in his two Teachers footsteps ,Sifu Cliff continues to teach Wing Chun Kung Fu style with a life time of skill in real street combat, but still keeping a great family & friendly Atmosphere for all to learn in.

Wing Chun is great for your Health , Mind and Body with a very logical philosophy. The Atlantic City Kung Fu School is open to all ages of students , Man Woman or Kids. We do joint adult & child Classes with many Moms & Dads learning martial arts along side of thier kids.

If your a Pro MMA Fighter , or someone looking to get in better shape and are bored of the gym or a kid looking to protect them selfs from the local bully, we are the right place for you.

Everyone is Welcome!