Expo 9 !
Back by Popular Demand , the one Killer expo that combines them all.

Expo 9 Martial Arts Comic Convention with Zombies.
This Is the Original Event that combines many different pop culture pieces and then breaks it all apart to form its own event. 
This is a Truly Don't Miss Event !
3 days of events 
Contest & Panels
100s of Demo's & Seminars
Tons for the kids.
Authentic Martial Arts Masters 
Famous Authors 
Comic Book Artist 
Cosplay Showing Skills
Awesome Movie Stars
Public & Private Events.
2015 Masters of Martial Arts Awards Dinner
We got Zombies! 
Club Groups
VIP Party With Film Screening
Lots of Vendors with hard to find items.
Health & Fitness 
Legends in Comic & Martial Arts 
Knights, Orcs, Pirates, Ninja's, Samuria, GIJOE, Ghostbusters, Storm Troopers, Kung Fu & Karate Masters, Comic Hero's & Villains ,Yoga and much much much more ! 

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VIP Dinner & Party Ticket $100.00

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( On Sale Until Dec 31st ) Expo 9 Ticket
all 3 days march 27-29th general entrance pass - does not include any private events

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Expo 9 Martial Arts Comic Convention with Zombies 
https://www.facebook.com/ events/619012244843634/
Expo 9 Comic Convention Masters 
https://www.facebook.com/ pages/Comic-Con-Masters/ 268106640003830 
Please send these two links out to your Facebook friends thanks.
Expo 9 Location Cherry Hill NJ 
March 27, 2015 - March 29, 2015
1444 Route 73 N. Pennsauken, NJ 08110
5 min to Philly 30 from Atlantic City
From CNN NEWS on our last Expo 8
Traditional Martial Arts Meets Pop Culture at the Jersey Shore
http://ireport.cnn.com/ docs/DOC-1116553
Contact Sifu Cliff
https://www.facebook.com/ sifu.cliff

We will be holding the Expo 9 & Masters of Martial Arts Awards Ceremony at the GPG Championships March 27th - 28th - 29th - Friday Night Fights with the GPG Pro MMA Championships a excellent addition to our ever growing show. Saturday Night with be Masters of Martial Arts Awards - Expo 8 will be day time Friday - Sunday * Thank you everyone for the Support https://www.facebook.com/ events/619012244843634/

Another great Addition to the Expo 9 is a Huge Comic Book Convention. We have Loads of great Comic Book Artist, Illustrators, Inkers, Color, Painters, Authors, Cos Play, Same Great Fan Clubs with us to. 
We have some Great Comic BooK Legends with us to. Like Rusty Gilligan (Heavy Metal) , Howard Bender (Star Wars) Bob Petrecca (iron man) Joe del Beato ( GIJOE ) Neil D Vokes ( Dr Strange ) The Expo 9 Comic Book Convention is the Fastest Growing Show we Ever Had! 

Location Cherry Hill 
Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo 
Global Proving Ground & Warrior Island
Zombies vs Martial Arts 
Largest Martial Arts Demo 
Hollywood Actors, Directors, Stuntmen, Casting Calls
Kung Fu Film Show
Authentic Martial Arts Masters 
Expo 9 Comic Convention 
Sleeping Samurai Anime 
NJ Ren Faire 
Mystical Realms
Artist Show

Early Bird Pricing is active until December 31st 2015 . 
Expo 9 all three days of the show 8-4pm Price is only at 25.00 ! 
VIP Dinner & Expo 9 ticket with Celeb VIP Party only 100.00 comes with + Bonus Ticket for Pro MMA Fight Night 
Celeb Masters Ticket Dinner & Award , 160.00 right now under early bird time with + Bonus GPG MMA Pro fight Night Ticket Celeb VIP Party , Media Frenzy at Film Show.

Please also note that there is no refunds for any tickets, vendors, awards.

The Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo 9


is Brought to you By Sifu Cliff &




Masters of Martial Arts Awards

Who can join? Black Belt - Grand Master Kung Fu & Karate style's,

Masters Awards tickets Sold here
VIP PASS : Be right in the Action with the Dinner & Expo Ticket. $100.00 USD , Limited space RSVP ONLY
Who is this for? Students, Family , Friends. Great Dinner & Expo with Seminars you can join into.

Expo & Dinner ,( No Award )



No refunds, for any ticket, dinner, expo or awards.
Chinese Kung Fu & Karate 3 days of Expo 9 Only $35.00 This year!!! Expo Ticket time slot 8am-4pm Who is this For? Martial Artist, Fans, Friends, Family, All Ages welcome.

Now on Sale until January 31st 2014 Only 25.00 Buy today!Normal Pricing is 35.00

EXPO Only Ticket. $35.00