Warning: Many people have stated they have or did train under these wing chun masters, please check your credentials before you join any martial arts school.

Sifu Cliff would like to thank those masters who have came before him. These are just a few of the masters who have lived in the 20th Century, these are the teachers that have passed down the knowledge so our school can be.

The first person who trained me was Sifu Jose Colon. Thanks to him for all the years of knowledge and great wisdom, along with his great sense of humor. The Sifu Jose Colon is the pioneer of Wing Chun in Puerto Rico. You can make contact with the Sifu Jose Colon at this phone number.

Sifu Jose Colon (787)531-9096

The second person I would like to thank is my first teachers Master, Sifu Chung K Chow. The Grand Master Chung K Chow came over to the United States in 1971 and he started one of the first Wing Chun schools here in the USA in New York City. Sifu Chow who I now have the honor to call my teacher has opened my mind to the freedom that lives in the martial art of Wing Chun. Sifu Chung K Chow gives a hands on experience to his students as he keeps his class friendly and always a challenge.

Sifu Chung K Chow is a living legend in Wing Chun Martial Arts.

Contact him through his Web Site.


Yip Man, Sifu Leung Sheung, Sifu Ng Wah Sum,

If it was not for these Great Masters the Wing Chun Art would not have survived all these years. Just think of all those lives that these Great Masters have touched, even with the distance of time and space they have given there gift of art to everyone.

This diagram show's the lineage of Yip Man the famous Kung Fu teacher who brought the style of Kung Fu from mainland China to Hong Kong and created the first public School for this Kung Fu art.

Sifu Cliff Kupper is a 4th Generation Teacher of the Yip Man Lineage.